Hosting an open house?
RSVPify makes open house planning and guest list management simple

Customizable Open House Website

Feature your listing images, 3D tours, and and property details when inviting attendees. Integrate appointment scheduling and realtor information. Include your branding to make your event website an extension of your business.

Design Email Invitations

Upload your own open house invitation design or create one from scratch. Personalize your open house invitation to feature your branding, include property images or video tours, and communicate all key details of showings with ease.

Event Registration Tools

Use the form builder tool to create a comprehensive event registration form to collect every detail you need from attendees. Incorporate QR code check-in to track attendance and not miss any prospective buyers. Easily export attendee data for your team to follow up after the open house.


Track your open house guest list with ease

Group Parties For Easy RSVP'ing

Put household members such as families or couples into one group. Any group member can respond to the online RSVP for the entire party.

Make Your Event Public or Private

Publish your event on your website or social channels to encourage attendance, or make it private for pre-determined guests only.

Import Your Guest List

Upload your spreadsheet to RSVPify to quickly add leads and invite prospective buyers with a click.


Privacy is at our core.

Other event management platforms monetize your data and that of your guests.

RSVPify is the market leader in private events, and we respect your event’s privacy at every turn.

All the tools you need for a successful open house event

RSVPify can streamline open house planning and connect buyers with sellers

Send Save the Dates, Invites & Reminders

Create customizable open house invites and communications for your showing. Automatically send email confirmations and event reminders to encourage attendance.

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Completely customize your online invitation or online RSVP

Collect Buyer Questions and Tour Requests

Use custom questions to collect buyer preferences and questions before the event to better prepare your team.

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QR codes for paper invites make RSVPing simple

Easily Upload Your Invitation Design

Upload your own open house invitation design to send to your guest list with a click.

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Email invitations

Send email invitations

Online registration and RSVP

Online registration and RSVP software

Custom data collection

Collect data from events easily

Guest list management

Guest list management made simple

Menu preferences

Create menu options easily

Sub-event management

Create sub-events and limit attendance

Event privacy/exclusivity

Create exclusive events

Drag-and-drop seating charts

Drag-and-drop seating chart creator tools


Industry-leading event check-in software

Answers to Your Open House Planning Questions

Can I feature my branding on my event website and registration form?

Yes! RSVPify offers full customization to your event website, email invitations, and event registration form. You can also embed your form on your own website to create a branded experience for your open house event.

Can I schedule tours or showings with RSVPify?

Yes! RSVPify offers appointment scheduling software to integrate with your open house event to manage attendees. Create an appointment calendar, customize availability and limits, and communicate with attendees easily

What data reporting tools does RSVPify offer?

RSVPify allows you to collect all relevant information you need from potential attendees, as well as those who make it to the event itself. Use custom questions to collect buyer preferences, inquiries, demographic data, and more. Easily export attendee info for follow up or reporting purposes to your seller.

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Ready to get started?

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