Get laughs from these funny holiday party invitations

10 funny holiday party invitations to inspire your planning

The leaves are rapidly disappearing from the trees, the air is getting colder and colder, and those Christmas sections at Target and Home Depot are expanding by the minute. That’s right, not only is November right around the corner – the signs of holiday party planning season are all around us! Ugly sweaters, Christmas-themed cocktails, badly decorated offices – you know the signs. But whether you are planning a personal holiday party for a few family and friends, or organizing a gathering for the entire office, you can’t have a holiday party without holiday invitations.


While many people opt for formal or traditional holiday invitation templates or designs, the more creative among us might prefer to include a little humor in our holiday invites. From building excitement around an event, to just simply giving your invitees a moment of laughter during the daily routines, funny holiday party invitations can be a great choice to break up the usual holiday planning process. With that in mind, we’ve collected ten funny holiday party invitations to give you some inspo for designing your own holiday invitation or browsing pre-made designs to find the right one for your guests’ funny bones.

Pun-ny funny holiday party invitations

funny invitation wording
Holiday party invite wording funny
Funny holiday party invite

The first “category” of funny holiday party invitations is actually quite traditional – at least when it comes to funny takes on holiday parties. We’re referring to pun-centric holiday party invites, which include plays on traditional Christmas phrases or hallmarks to get their laughs. As you can see, many of these involve references to alcohol – so these might not be the best bet for an office holiday party, but certainly a good one if you are planning a loose holiday bash!

Clever/Minimalist Humor

Our second category of funny holiday party invites include some clever invitation wordings and more minimalist designs. These also offer more of a design agency-style, making them great for office holiday parties or other professional events that might be a little more reserved – but still appropriate for some humor. You can also take ideas like this and adapt them to your brand colors or fonts, keeping the minimalist approach while personalizing them for your company or unique brand if needed!

Other funny holiday invite variations

Sometimes the best type of all-purpose humor is the quirky kind! These funny holiday invites embrace the silly and simple, offering wholesome fun that translates well to any personal or professional holiday party without pushing any boundaries. These also offer some colorful design approaches that are “busier” than the more minimalist options above, but match the holiday spirit in doing so. Finally, these are great examples of how playing with your holiday party invite wording can help build excitement and humor around an event – no additional bells and whistles needed!


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