Digital Invitations: Benefits of Using Them For Your Event

What are digital invitations anyway?

While most know the purpose of an invitation, digital invitations have come a long way in the past few years. Where once a Google Calendar or Outlook invite was your only option, a number of sites now offer digital invitations with increasing options for customization and other features that can be a huge help for event planners. So how do you know if digital invitations are right for your event? Here are some benefits and considerations as you make your choice:

Infographic displaying the differences between paper and digital invitations


While you can use a calendar app to let someone know about an event, creating a dynamic and creative online invitation can help you generate excitement about your event, drive up attendance, and especially drive ticket sales or donations if that is an important part of your event. Unlike a paper invitation, online invitations allow you to tinker with your invite layout and design. You can include high quality images and graphics. You can even include video messages or interactive features! Digital invitations also let you play around with custom wording options.

Online Event Management Options

While some sites simply offer online invitations, other event management apps allow you to integrate these with other features, including RSVP collection and guest list management features. This means your invitation can be the gateway to create seating charts, collect and export guest information, and mass communicate with your invitees. Once upon a time, you had to wait for snail mail to get your invites out. Then, you’d wait for guest responses and manually organize the info. Now, you can do all of these things right from your mobile device or laptop.

It’s the new tradition

Just a few years ago, using e-invitations with RSVP for your event might have been considered tacky. But as more event registration apps emerge, it’s becoming the new normal. While some events may still require a traditional paper approach, everything from corporate events, holiday parties, class reunions, fundraisers, and even weddings are moving to the digital platform. Join the trend!

Save the planet, and save some money!

Last but not least – digital invitations are paperless! This means where once you were killing hundreds of trees for a major event, you can now invite guests without a single piece of paper. Aside from the paper, think about how much all that would cost you! Now, save the envelopes, save the invites, and even save on all that postage. When you choose digital invitations, you can save the planet and save money at the same time. Look at how much good you can do!


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