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RSVPify is an event and guest management software solution that empowers its users with a full suite of automated tools to help manage the entire lifecycle of their event(s). Our mission is to provide enterprise-grade event management software to the masses. We continue to experience significant growth, and we are looking for a skilled engineer to join us as we build the next generation of our platform. We are seeking a talented individual who has expertise in object-oriented programming, RESTful APIs, Git, CI/CD processes, cloud platforms, and database architecture, among other qualifications. Your daily responsibilities will include crafting efficient code, analyzing and estimating business requirements, mentoring junior developers, and conducting code reviews. Our meetings will be scheduled to fit your Bosnian working hours. We offer a competitive salary, benefits, paid vacation, and flexible work schedules, among other benefits. We’re a small but impactful team that operates remotely across North America and Europe. If you’re interested in joining us, the interview process involves filling out an interview form (linked below), participating in a phone screen, engaging in conversations with up to three interviewers, and receiving an offer letter if selected.


Who We Are & What We Do

We build technology that powers events of all shapes and sizes around the globe. RSVPify arms event creators with a powerful, end-to-end suite of tools to help manage events big and small. Hosting any event is a high-stakes proposition. We believe that the right technology solution can be a game changer for event planners and their guests. RSVPify has scaled to become one of the most widely used event management platforms on the market — among both B2B and B2C users. We’re building the next generation of RSVPify’s platform, and are looking to you to engineer innovative technology solutions that solve compelling business and experiential challenges.


Who You Are

Are you a natural problem solver, adept at tackling challenges as they arise? Do you excel at solving complex problems at scale on a daily basis? Are you eager to continually expand your engineering expertise by adapting to the latest best practices? Are you prepared to guide and inspire our team with your leadership skills? Can you transform innovative ideas into tangible realities? If you answered yes to all of these questions, we can’t wait to meet you!


We appreciate individuals with a diverse skill set! We don’t equate time spent in the field to a specific level of knowledge. Rather, be prepared to discuss your previous experiences in depth. We’re interested in hearing about lessons learned, encompassing both successes and challenges. Rest assured, we won’t focus on “gotcha” questions, but we do expect you to demonstrate that you possess:

  • Demonstrated expertise in object-oriented programming, data structures, design patterns, and full-stack development, encompassing frontend and backend technologies.
  • Solid experience in designing, building, and maintaining RESTful APIs.
  • Proficiency in developing and maintaining comprehensive test suites for code quality assurance.
  • Strong working knowledge of Git for version control and collaboration.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of CI/CD processes, tools, and best practices.
  • Familiarity with various architectural patterns, including Monolith, SOA, and Microservices, and their appropriate use cases.
  • Proven track record in scaling complex systems using cloud platforms such as AWS, DO, GCP, and Azure.
  • In-depth experience with database architecture and design, encompassing both SQL and NoSQL technologies (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis).
  • Proficiency in decoupling complex domains within a monolithic repository, simplifying intricate requirements into an understandable and manageable codebase.
  • Excellent decision-making and persuasive communication skills, with a focus on driving technology and business teams towards delivering high-quality products. Willingness to voice dissenting opinions constructively.
  • Proven ability to foster trust and collaboration among remote colleagues from diverse backgrounds in an agile work environment.
  • Strong grasp of user experience (UX) best practices and principles to ensure the delivery of intuitive and user-friendly products.


While not essential, candidates with the following skills or experience will have an added advantage:

  • Familiarity with Laravel, Vue.js (2.x/3.x), Nuxt.js, TypeScript, Redis, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, Elasticsearch, and a utility-first CSS framework (e.g., Tailwind).
  • Experience working with large queuing systems and managing busy event-driven architectures.
  • A background in maintaining and engaging with a large open source community.
  • A sense of humor, even if unconventional (you’ll fit right in with our team!).



A Glimpse into Our Workdays

Our team operates with a lean approach, ensuring that every day at our company is filled with variety and excitement. While each day brings new challenges, some key aspects consistently drive our success:


  • Crafting well-designed, testable, and efficient code
  • Tackling technical problems with high scope and complexity
  • Producing clear and detailed technical documentation
  • Prioritizing performance and optimization
  • Focusing on creating complex systems that are easy to use, with an emphasis on simplification
  • Analyzing and estimating business requirements
  • Conducting code reviews
  • Mentoring and guiding less experienced developers


Meetings: As a member of the development team, you have flexibility to work Bosnian working hours. Since the team is works across North America and Europe, we do aim to sync-up regularly during the hours most convenient across time zones. Regular meetings include:

  • Daily stand-up meetings
  • Bi-weekly sprint retrospective and sprint planning meetings
  • On-demand meetings to discuss future visions and plans
  • Ad-hoc meetings for troubleshooting code and assisting fellow team members when they encounter challenges
  • Demo meetings to showcase progress and achievements



What We Offer 

RSVPify offers a competitive salary and benefits package (e.g., home office budget, annual health insurance reimbursement, etc.), paid vacation, and a flexible schedule. We invest in you, with significant professional learning and personal advancement opportunities and involvement in the Laravel and open source communities.


You’ll be a key member of a small and dynamic international team. You’ll design and develop products that reach millions of users. And you’ll be an important sounding board for our sister companies and platforms, with the opportunity to work on compelling projects external to RSVPify.


Become an asset to RSVPify, and you’ll have an opportunity to join our senior leadership team and earn equity in the company.


We’ve also been known to have fun on (frequent) occasions, and hope you’re up for a little of that, too.



Our Team

We are a lean but impactful team working across North America and Europe. Chicago is our home, but our team is largely remote and distributed. Particularly in the times we live in, we believe that flexibility is important in any role. The ideal working environment is wherever you channel your best ideas and code.


We consider our geographic diversity a competitive advantage, as it allows us to draw on a wide range of perspectives and experiences. While we primarily work remotely, we value face-to-face interactions and enjoy getting together in person. Our team has recently gathered in various locations, including Belgrade, Budapest, Sarajevo, Istanbul, Austin, and Chicago, to strengthen our connections and foster collaboration. We hope you’re up to travel with us!


RSVPify is bootstrapped, cash flow positive, and on an exciting trajectory. RSVPify powers 500k events a year across 50+ countries, and is ranked #4 on Capterra’s list of “Best Event Management Software.”


Interview Process

  1. Fill out the interview form and answer a few simple questions about yourself. We’re eager to get to know you!
  2. Participate in a phone screen where we can learn more about you. 
  3. Engage a technical interview (you will be sent the questions in advance).  
  4. If selected, you’ll receive an offer letter to join our team!


Our Timeline

We intend to work as quickly as possible to bring on a new team member. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis until we find a best fit candidate.


Join Us 

Please complete our application form below, and we will schedule a call so we can get to know each other better.