RSVPify's "Classic" iOS mobile app is no longer available. RSVPify 3 will offer a shiny, new iOS and Android app soon!

RSVPify for iOS

Download our FREE mobile app to view and manage your event's guest list and seating chart on-the-go!

Event Dashboard
All of your primary and secondary event’s details are a tap away through the interactive dashboard.
Guest List Management
Update your guest list and keep close track of who you’ve heard from and who might still need a little nudge.
Mobile Seating Chart
Perfect your primary and secondary event’s seating chart from anywhere.
RSVP Details & Editing
All of your guest’s details from meal preferences to custom question replies are in one easily-searchable screen. Update your guest’s replies from anywhere.
All of your event's RSVP and guest details in one dashboard
On-the-go access to your RSVPify guest list
Mobile access to our seating chart maker
View and edit guest details

Manage your event and RSVPs on-the-go with our mobile app for iOS

Android user?
We love you, too, Android users — and a native RSVPify Android app is in the works! In the meantime, please check out our mobile-friendly web app.