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How to create a QR code for a Google Form

Launched back in 2008, Google Forms quickly became a must-use tool for creating flexible forms for surveys, polls or quizzes. No matter if you’re collecting job applications or customer feedback or even field trip attendance, Google forms are an intuitive and easy way for both you and your respondents to get on the same page. We’d content that our service might be a better fit for when looking to create a custom QR code to power event registration but we wanted to put together this helpful guide as this can be used to facilitate a multitude of use cases! 



Once a Google form has been created, the next step is to share it to everyone you need responses from. While you can do so by sending out an email, or sharing a link on the internet, an even fancier way of doing this would be by creating a QR code for a Google form that when scanned can direct folks to the form you created. The good news is, creating a QR code for a Google form is easier than you might think. Here’s how to do it:



1. Find a QR code generator


The first step is to find a QR code generator that can create the QR codes you will need to link to your Google Form. Here are a few good options:


  • QR Code Generator for Google Forms – with the ability to customize the QR code with your own style and branding and a video tutorial to set everything up, this solution is among the best we’ve found. Their free plan allows for 1,000 monthly scans and the paid options start at 9.99/month.
  • Canva is an online graphic design tool and while it is great for designing invitations, cards and social media posts, you can also create and download a QR code. They do not offer a lot of design options built specifically for QR codes, but QR codes created in Canva all come with unlimited scans!
  • QR Code Monkey is a 100% free QR code generator offering unlimited scans. You can also customize the code with your logo, brand colors or shape frames.

Once you have found the right QR code generator for your needs, the next step is….



2. Copy the link to your Google Form – you’ll find it once you click the Send button


Screenshot of google form "send form" modal with arrow pointing to copy link button



3. Go to the QR code generator and paste the link to your form


Example of QR code generator linking to a google form document



4. If your selected QR code generator allows customizations, design your code – this includes adding colors, shapes, logos, etc.


5. Download and share the code!

Phone scanning QR code next to sign up google form


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