How the Metaverse Can Improve Attendee Registration

It might shock you to learn that the no-show rate for virtual events is 35%. The modern event planner has had virtual, and hybrid events creep up on them in a big way. And even after Covid is consigned to history, they show no sign of going away. 

Thankfully, however, the Metaverse has arrived just in time to save the event industry from lacklustre and unfulfilling Zoom conferences. 

This article will illustrate how the Metaverse will intrinsically increase registration to events. Furthermore, it will offer some bonus ideas to accentuate the Metaverse’s advantages over other event types. 

1. They’re New

The first reason is short-sighted and perhaps superficial. But it’s true nonetheless. Metaverse supported events will see an increase in attendee registration because they’re new and exciting. 

The novelty of new has always been a trump card in sales. And event planners need to take advantage of the novelty of the Metaverse right now. 

2. The Lure of Immersion

Speaking to CEO of Spacehuntr, Dietrich Moens, he said, “the difficulty with hybrid and virtual events is that they have made attendees too passive. They’re viewers, not participants. With the Metaverse, you’re giving attendees the convenience of remote access with the joys of live events. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Following on from what Dietrich said, it’s clear that the Metaverse will improve events – and thereby registration – through better gamification. Even before the advent of the Metaverse, this concept led to 87% of users feeling more socially connected. It will improve networking, retainment, entertainment, engagement, and more. 

“Enter the Metaverse” event highlights

3. No Reservations

Put as simply as possible; registration will increase for Metaverse events because it’s less of a commitment. 

You don’t have to organise transportation, accommodation, or babysitters – should you require them. In short, you don’t have to put down money – or assign as much time – to register for an online event. 

Remote events also give you the freedom to simply walk away if something comes up or if they simply don’t like it. This is obviously not ideal, but it can lead to more registration. In short, online events don’t tie you down. 

4. Free Trial

The concept of a free trial is as old as time. Merchants at their market stall would offer passers-by nibbles of cheese or sips of wine to attract business. 

And marketeers still stand by this ancient method of drawing customers in. It’s not enough to tell people your product is worth buying; the free trial is showing them. It’s the bold move of putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak. 

Unlike live or traditional hybrid events, Metaverse enabled events can offer free trials. You can’t give someone a sample of a live event, but you can give someone a sample of one in a 3D environment. 

5. Tiered Registration

You can bolster registration by offering a baseline entrance that is free or at minimal cost, granting limited access to events. The ultimate goal is to upsell once they turn up and realise how great it is. Because if you make something free or affordable, people are more willing to take a punt on it. 

And if not, you’ve still raised your attendance. After all, getting people through the door is your primary goal. 

6. Offer A Limited – Metaverse Exclusive – Incentive

Another classic marketing tool is the concept of the limited offer. It can be something like early bird tickets. Or, you could go for something more exclusive to the Metaverse genre, like NFT’s. For example, check out when DC did a superhero NFT giveaway for those that registered for their Fan Dome Event. 

7. Allow access post-event

You can also encourage more registrations by building post-event access to your exclusive content or Metaverse spaces. It could be from talks, workshops, or exclusive games. Or, if you’ve had a unique 3D environment built for your event, you could give attendees access to revisit them. 

This is enticing for attendees as it shows that they’re not just registering for a fleeting experience but in line to receive something more tangible that they can keep going forward. 

8. Make Registering Easy 

Making registration an easy process is essential. Every day, it feels like we’re asked to type in details to something or other. 

If your registration process is too long and too demanding, it might result in on the fence attendees deciding against joining your event. 

The best way to achieve this is to opt for an elegant and professional registration service like RSVPify. It is an industry-leading event software that is available without an annual commitment. It powers your event from invitation to online RSVP or registration to check-in. And best of all, you can get started for free

Wrapping up

So there you have it. It’s clear that the Metaverse will have quite an impact on the event industry. They’re especially going to transform the virtual event scene. 

And when you consider and implement the above, you’re guaranteed to see an increase in your registration numbers. There are adaptations of classic techniques and even some new wholesale stuff. In short, the event industry has reason to be excited about the future! 


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