How and why to embed your event registration form on your event website

Add a professional touch – and reduce a few steps for guests – with just a little extra planning

In modern event planning, the event website has become increasingly essential to ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. While even just a decade ago, people spent much of their time designing their custom invitations or crafting RSVPs, these days the event website is worth every bit as much of your attention. Why?

These are just a few of the use cases for event websites, but beyond simply aggregating information for your event, more and more people are also choosing to embed their event registration form directly on their event website.

Why should you embed your event registration form?

There are a few reasons for taking the small time commitment needed to do this:

  • As noted above, event websites work best when they are a “one-stop shop” for your attendees. From invitation to post-events surveys, locating everything a guest needs in a single place is often very much appreciated by your attendees.
  • Embedding your event registration form also means you don’t need to share multiple links (or try to cram multiple links on your online invitation), reducing confusion.
  • You can easily redirect guests to relevant info pages, portals for hotel or flight bookings, directions to your event, or places to upload relevant documents without them having to leave the event website.
  • Simply put, an embedded event registration form looks classy and professional – it shows a level of technical sophistication (even if you simply followed the steps we’ll be providing shortly!) that can impress your guests and give them a great first impression of you, your brand, or your business.

How do I embed my event registration form on my event website?

Sold on the benefits of embedding your event registration? We’ve put together this trusty guide that can help you do it in just a few easy steps when you use RSVPify!


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