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Great Moments in 2014 Wedding Invitations with RSVPs

As the peak wedding season has come to a close and everyone settles into the winter wedding downtime, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on where weddings went in 2014.  As more and more of the wedding planning process continues to migrate to the web, the trademark sense of Internet-based humor has taken notice.  While the goofy wedding RSVP has long been a staple of the more humorous couple and their special day, the move to digital RSVPs has brought the online RSVP joke into the 21st century with it.  We browsed the webs and scoured Pinterest to find some of the funniest wedding invitation with RSVP stuff we’d seen in awhile, and decided to share some free RSVP humor to brighten up your day.

Funny RSVP card: We're happy that you were able to come to the wedding despite not having time to RSVP with the self-addressed, pre-paid envelop we sent you months ago.
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One of the few things most couples share is this experience, mocked excellently as always by the ubiquitous somecards site.  No wonder the online wedding RSVP trend has continued to grow these past few months.

Funny RSVP: Oui, we heard there would be creme de cacao. No, my deja vu is acting up again.
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A bit of a Francophile lean to this creative online wedding invitation with RSVP.  If laughter makes it easy for people to remember other things, it may just work for getting them to return those RSVPs in a respectable time.  Oui hope so, anyway (yeah, we went there).

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Sometimes it’s best to get straight to the point with your wedding guests.  While the older relatives may raise an eyebrow with a straightforward and silly offering like the one above, your college roommate will love it.  Although who are we to say some grandmothers aren’t looking to party on with you?

Another sign of the online RSVP times.  Satirizing the 20th century has never been so en vogue as it is these days.  It looks like traditional wedding RSVPs have joined the party as well.

All non-RSVP guests will be set on fire. That is all.
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Sometimes, the scared straight approach can work wonders.  Again, we are a bit concerned that some family members may take this the wrong way.  But hey, when it’s 10 degrees outside and you just need to get a number to your caterer to save yourself a few bucks, who are we to tell you how you should feel?


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