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Event planning is all about organization and efficiency. No matter what type, size, or style of event you are planning, finding ways to reduce busywork and maximize your time and energy throughout the process is essential for any event planner. While you can’t control some elements of event planning (such as delayed attendee responses, vendor and venue requirements, the weather, etc), there are steps that can be taken during the planning process to reduce uncertainty wherever you can. As the saying goes, control what you can control.


One of the best ways to control for uncertainty is to make your attendee-facing presence as clear, detailed, and effective as possible. This starts with your online invitations and event website, continues with how you word and collect online RSVPs, and in the ways you communicate with your guestlist to make sure important info is distributed when needed. That’s where an event planning template comes in.


Instead of painstakingly designing each individual element of your event setup, registration, and communication processes, RSVPify offers a variety of fully customizable event planning template options to do much of the work for you. From generic templates that can be tailored to any event, to thematic designs perfect for specific event types like weddings, galas, reunions, and more, RSVPify is constantly designing new event templates to take the busywork off your plate and let you focus your time and energies elsewhere. 


That’s why we thought we’d share some of our favorites with you. These event planning templates are already live in the library and can be chosen when setting up your next event to prepopulate your email invitation, RSVP form, and other elements of your event management process to let you focus less on building from scratch and more on fine-tuning. 

Business and Enterprise Event Templates

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Wedding Event Templates

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Nonprofit Event Templates

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Reunion Event Templates

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Casual Event Planning Templates

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