Guest Age Verification

RSVPify's "Classic" age verification feature is no longer available. RSVPify 3 will offer this, coming soon!

Age-gated Online RSVPs

Hosting an event that is restricted to a given age? Age gate your online RSVP.

We'll customize your RSVP experience to include a required age field on initial load of your RSVPify page. Guests will be required to enter their date of birth, and will then be given access to the RSVP experience if they are at least as old as the age requirement for your event.

  • Restrict your event to guests over a certain age
  • Redirect guests who are not of a specific age
  • Satisfy legal requirements
  • Seamless integration with your event's RSVP process

Available for Platinum subscribers with a one-time, per-event fee.
Contact us for details.

Online RSVP experience that is age gated with an age verification tool