As an event planner, it’s your job to design an event your attendees will love. To do this, you need to make sure your event management is as memorable, efficient and worthy of your clients’ time and money as possible – which is no mean feat.

Our friends over at will be breaking down 5 key elements guaranteed to boost event experience – arming planners with the right event management knowledge to pull off an event invitees will remember for all the right reasons.

1.Streamline event management with pre-event invitations and RSVPs

Your attendees’ event experience isn’t just limited to the event itself – it starts right from their first point of contact at the RSVP or ticket-buying process. From the initial point of contact with event-goers, it’s vital to make a good first impression by ensuring the event RSVP process is slick, simple and as intuitive as possible.

To do this, you need to gain a sound understanding of who your attendees are – establishing what they need, want and love at events. From there, you can create a registration process that’s tailored to their unique requirements. From personalized pre-event invitations and quick RSVP forms to custom menu options and guest list management software, utilizing the latest event planning technology in your pre-event registration strategy will enhance a user’s experience from the outset.

2. Choose an accessible venue

Choosing the right venue is paramount to delivering a great event experience from the start. With the power to instantly evoke an emotional reaction – your venue needs to speak volumes in order to lure people to your event. However, it goes way beyond the instant aesthetic appeal if you’re looking to truly impress guests on the day.

From accessibility to proximity and transport links to on-site amenities, providing attendees with everything they need for a great experience throughout the event is key. Naturally, this includes ensuring your event is fully accessible for all abilities, with disabled facilities, access ramps and rails where possible. In short, every event attendee should be offered a first-class experience.

Catered event food

3. Offer an inclusive menu

Whether you’re hosting a music festival, fundraising gala or business expo, an essential part of nailing down your event experience is getting the catering spot on. The wrong choices – which can include everything from not booking enough vendors to a failure to provide variety – can easily have a negative impact.

Avoid these pitfalls by serving up an inclusive menu that offers a varied choice of culinary delights, as well as catering for special dietary requirements with gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. By providing a tasty selection of edibles and refreshments suitable for everyone, you’ll be sure to maximize enjoyment on the day.

4. Plan for seamless execution

While the pre-event and event management experience is important, there’s no doubt that the most significant experiences will happen at the event itself, so this is the time to really make a lasting impression.

Prior to the event, take the time to consider all the different elements that may impact on attendees on the day – from long queues at the turnstiles and food stalls to overcrowding and insufficient on-site facilities. If you’re looking to deliver a world-class event experience, put plans in place to provide event-goers with everything they need for an enjoyable and comfortable time.

5. Go above and beyond

There are numerous ways you can give guests added value that will not only make them feel like it’s money well-spent but will also create unique experiences, too. Think about the smaller details that can collectively contribute to enhancing the guest experience on the day of – this could be investing in above-par facilities and on-site storage for valuables to on-the-day gratis amenities, freebies and competitions. Even offering an elegant / tech-forward way of RSVPing can delight your guests. These small gestures can have a big impact, demonstrating your attention to detail and consideration for guest’s needs.

Whatever type of event you’re hosting, putting your attendees at the heart of your event management and execution strategy will ensure you pull off an outstanding event attendees will love and want to relive time and time again.


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