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Enterprise-grade event management software

Event Management

Event Management Software Powerful event software tailor-made to easily organize any and all event types Manage Your Event Event management software with every feature you need for successful end-to-end event planning Free or Paid Registrations Process payment and event registration,

All the info you need in RSVPify's comprehensive event management dashboard

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All the info you need in RSVPify's comprehensive event management dashboard

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Online Invitations with RSVP

Free Online Invitations with RSVPs Send beautiful, highly-customizable electronic invitations to direct guests to RSVP! Highly Customizable Email Invites Create fully-tailored electronic email invitations, reminders, and updates for your event Upload your own invitation design, images and logo. Set custom

QR Codes for Paper Invitations

QR Codes for Wedding Invitations Add a QR code to invitations to easily direct guests to your wedding website and RSVP Make the online RSVP process all the easier (and even fun!) Your QR Code automatically directs guests to your

Sell Tickets for Fundraisers & Charity Events

RSVPify Event Software: Sell Tickets to Your Gala Event RSVPify’s powerful suite of event management tools make it easy to manage your fundraiser…. and every nonprofit event after that! RSVPify simplifies gala event planning. Sell Gala Tickets & Collect Donations

Enterprise-grade event management software

Age Verification Gate

Age Verification Gate Require potential attendees to verify their age before accessing your event website. Create Your Event Set a Custom Age Choose the minimum age requirement potential attendees need to access the page. Redirect Underage Traffic If an attendee

Customizable event QR codes for easy event check-in

Switch to RSVPify 3

We’re sunsetting RSVPify Classic. Ready to make the switch to the all new RSVPify? Sign up for the new RSVPify Learn more about RSVPify 3. Thank you for being a longtime RSVPify customer! We think you’re great.¬† We’re here to

RSVPify + Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration Automate your workflow and connect RSVPify with thousands of other apps. Automation Streamline Workflows with Ease Sync your RSVPify event data real-time with other tools you are already using. Save time by automating tasks and streamlining workflows.  Integrate

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