QR Code Attendance

Use RSVPify to set up QR code attendance and registration processes for any event

QR Code Attendance Made Simple

Provide guests with QR codes on paper invitations or via email

Upload your own design or feature your brand. Generate QR codes with a click to streamline event registration.

Use merge tags to auto-populate individual invitee details such as names, titles, and seating assignments.

QR code attendance software


Email Insights

Detailed reporting to track attendees. See any emails that weren’t successfully delivered. Export reporting to a CSV file.

Everything You Need

To Setup QR Code Registration

Group audiences with tagging. Select specific recipients, or create custom audiences using filters.

Preview your event registration form on desktop and mobile. Send previews to yourself and other key stakeholders of your event.

Send your online invitations immediately, or schedule a specific date and time for it to send to your audience automatically.


QR Code Guides

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