PayPal Link Generator

Update: This widget is no longer operational (sunset by PayPal) but event hosts can still accept online payments for their events via RSVPify.

Need to generate a PayPal link to allow guests to easily submit a payment without requiring JavaScript? We threw together a quick and easy PayPal link generator tool that automatically creates a link with a set of variables that will allow you to pre-fill (1) your PayPal email address, (2) a product name or description, and (3) a quantity of items.

If you’re hosting an event with RSVPify, you can use this PayPal link builder to create a link from your RSVP confirmation page allowing guests to submit a payment directly to you. We recommend including your PayPal link as a button on the right hand side of your confirmation page. You can also include a PayPal link in the confirmation email that is sent to guests after they successfully submit their RSVP to your event.

PayPal Link Generator Tool





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