P2P fundraising can provide the monetary lifeblood for thousands of amazing organizations - and RSVPify can help you take it to the next level

P2Ps fundraising has offered an exciting and innovative alternative for nonprofit and civic organizations to find the critical support needed to help shape their communities and the world around them. Especially after the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit organizations are a more essential part of society than ever before. And P2P fundraising is the solution for connecting willing donors to needy organizations, as well as an opportunity for transformative initiatives and fundraising campaigns that were never possible before.

However, P2P fundraising platforms often focus primarily on networking donors and organizations, and don’t help nonprofit event planners with the event management software needed to make virtual and in-person events professional and successful. That’s where RSVPify can help. RSVPify’s event management software can bring valuable features that, coupled with P2P fundraising tools, can help you go beyond simply collecting donations for an organization, and instead host virtual and in-person events that will wow your guests and maximize the funds you can raise by emphasizing your initiatives and great fundraising ideas.


So, what RSVPify features are especially useful for enhancing your P2P fundraising?

Online invitations – RSVPify offers the ability to create elegant, fully customizable online invitations that can add a professional touch – perfect for drawing eyes and attendance to a fundraising event (like a marathon run) that you are planning.

Event management software – interested in integrating your P2P fundraising campaign with actual virtual or in-person events? RSVPify offers a comprehensive suite of event management tools, including custom event websites, the ability to embed your event page, and other tools that can let you sync your fundraising directly with event information to better get the word out.

Event check-in tools – need to collect online RSVPs, or even scan your guests in at the event itself? With RSVPify, you can create custom QR codes for guests and parties, scan guests as part of your in-person event registration, and even collect and process vaccine passport information – keeping your event secure and your guests happy.

Online ticketing – looking to augment your P2P fundraising by selling tickets to special events, raffles, or auctions that are tied in to your event or plans? RSVPify also offers online ticketing tools that can let you add further revenue sources to grow your donation pool even further.

Customize, customize, customize – at RSVPify, we know making your brand front and center of every communication and interface with your potential donors and subscribers is essential for nonprofit and civic organizations. That’s why we offer extensive customization options for every aspect of our event software.

Interested in learning more about how RSVPify can take your P2P fundraising to the next level?