Guest List Management App: Tips to Choose the Right One

Why Use a Guest List Management App?

One of the most important factors to a successful event is proper guest list management. Event planners know anticipating the attendance, needs, and requirements of guests is critical to a successful event. Without organization, events can easily derail. Or, attendees might leave with a sour experience that affects the perception of a brand or institution in the future. Fortunately, options for a guest list management app continue to emerge. However, different apps offer different levels of features at different price points. To help you out, we compiled a list of key feature areas to compare different guest list management applications. We think this can help any event planner choose the right guest list management app for their needs.

Guest List Management App Infographic Matrix

Feature Area #1 – Information Collection and Storage

Let’s start with the most important feature for an event planner. The ability to collect guest information and sort it or access it easily (and on the go) is the primary driver for the rise of online guest list management tools. As you evaluate a potential guest list management app, consider the following checklist:

  • Can guests sign up via email, or is manual data entry required?
  • Does the app offer QR code check-in at the event, to easily match your guest list with attendees on the big day?
  • Does the app offer spreadsheet exports, so that your collected information can be saved and shared as needed?
  • Can other users be added to the account to allow different planners to access and edit the same event?

The ideal guest management platform gives you the maximum amount of flexibility to collaborate with both your fellow planners and your guests as needed. An app that offers all of the above will give you the most efficiency for your buck.

Feature Area #2 – Extra Features

While the basic requirement of a guest list management tool is the ability to create the list itself, some guest list management apps offer external features that can be especially helpful for an event planner. Some of these include:

  • The ability to create drag and drop seating charts
  • Mass communication through email or texting
  • Ability to create secondary events for select inviting select groups of guests
  • Social media integration with the app

Feature Area # 3 – Event Payment Collection

A few guest list management apps also offer the ability to collect event payments online. This is useful for event planners hosting a variety of events including:

  • Class reunions
  • Charity events or fundraisers – any event raising funds through donations
  • Any events that involve selling tickets to attendees

Aside from just collecting payments, there are also other differing features to consider if you choose to sell tickets online.


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