Learn gender reveal party planning tips

Gender Reveal Party Planner Tips

Once a novelty, gender reveal parties are rapidly becoming the norm for expectant parents to share the joy of finding out their baby’s gender along with family and friends. From casual parties to elaborate gender reveals (and the mishaps that ensue from them), gender reveal parties have become prevalent on social media and are now becoming a part of many pregnancies around the world.


Whether you are the expectant parent, or a relative or friend helping to host, planning a gender reveal party involves more than you might expect. To make life easier, we’ve compiled some of our favorite gender reveal party planner tips to get you started. 

Ten Steps for Every Gender Reveal Party Planner

Decide on the Surprise Element

Choose a reveal method that suits your style and gender reveal party planner preferences. Popular options include confetti cannons, balloon releases, or cutting into a cake with colored filling. Consider what will provide the most dramatic and fun moment for your guests.


Invitations with a Twist

Build anticipation from the beginning by incorporating the theme into your gender reveal invitations. Use colors associated with the potential gender, or include subtle hints that will keep guests guessing until the big reveal.


Select a Unique Venue

Think beyond the traditional living room setting. Consider hosting the party in a scenic outdoor location, a charming event space, or even a backyard transformed with creative decorations. The venue can enhance the overall atmosphere of the celebration.


Theme and Decorations

Choose a theme that complements the excitement of the gender reveal. Popular themes include “What Will It Bee?” or “Bowties or Bows.” Coordinate decorations, table settings, and party favors to match the chosen theme for a cohesive look.


Capture the Moment

Hire a professional photographer or designate a friend to capture the reactions of both the parents and the guests during the reveal. This special moment will be cherished, and having high-quality photos will help preserve the memories.


Interactive Activities

Keep guests engaged with interactive activities related to the gender reveal theme. Set up prediction boards where guests can cast their votes before the reveal or create a DIY craft station for making personalized keepsakes.


Sweet Treats

If you opt for a cake reveal, choose a skilled baker who can create a stunning and delicious centerpiece. Cupcakes or cake pops with colored fillings are also popular alternatives. Ensure the inside of the dessert remains a well-guarded secret until the big reveal.


Incorporate Both Parents

Make sure both parents play a role in the reveal. Whether it’s cutting the cake together, popping a confetti cannon simultaneously, or releasing balloons hand in hand, involving both parents makes the moment even more special.


Plan for Surprises

Be prepared for unexpected reactions, and consider having a backup plan in case the primary reveal method doesn’t go as planned. Embrace the spontaneous moments that make the celebration unique.


Thank-You Gifts

Show appreciation to your guests with thoughtful thank-you gifts. Consider small, gender-neutral items that tie into the theme, such as custom-made cookies or personalized candles.


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