Frequently Asked Questions

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What is RSVPify?
RSVPify is a free online RSVP tool that allows you to create beautiful, fully-customized online RSVP forms for your special event.  With RSVPify, you always know who’s coming and what their preferences are at a glance.  RSVPify is perfect for weddings, corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, concerts, reunions and so much more.

How does RSVPify work?
After you’re satisfied with the setup and style of your online RSVP tool, include your custom RSVPify URL with your event’s paper invitations, share your link by email or social media, or embed your RSVP form on your event’s website (with our premium packages, you can seamlessly integrate the RSVP on your website).  You can also choose to send your invitations directly to your guests by email — right from RSVPify!

Guests will complete your simplified online RSVP in minutes from any device, and you’ll have 24/7 access to all of the details of your event’s guest list from your computer or mobile phone.

Can I customize my online RSVP?
RSVPify offers tons of advanced customization options that makes it easy to create a beautiful, easy-to-use online RSVP website that is perfectly tailored to your special event’s brand.  You can add custom questions to your RSVP, add a logo or banner, include colors and backgrounds and much, much more.  Want to allow guests to select their entrée preference or let you know if they’re able to attend brunch on Sunday? No problem.

How do I know when a guest RSVPs for my event?
You can choose to receive an email each time a guest RSVPs for your event.  With RSVPify, you also have a customized dashboard that provides all the information — from replies to each event, entree and appetizer preferences, custom question responses, and more — everything you need at a glance.

Is RSVPify safe?
At RSVPify, we go through great lengths to ensure the safety and security of your account.  We’ll never sell or distribute your information or that of your guests — and won’t ever reach out to your guests without your express permission.  Guest’s emails are strictly confidential, and will not be used for direct marketing at any time.

Will RSVPify change my life? Do you offer refunds?
OK, RSVPify may not change your life — but we promise it will make your event planning-life a breeze. If, for any reason, you decide RSVPify isn’t the right tool for your event, we’re happy to process a refund for your upgrade.  Please note that refunds can only be processed within 10 days of your upgrade or renewal.

Is RSVPify free?
Yes! RSVPify’s basic online RSVP service is free and always will be.  RSVPify free accounts offer many of the same tools and customization options as premium accounts and can accept up to 100 RSVPs for your special event.  Event hosts with more than 100 guests can choose to upgrade to a premium RSVPify plan at any time.

What do RSVPify’s premium plans offer?
RSVPify premium users have access to the full suite of RSVPify tools and customization options available to them — and can accept unlimited RSVPs for their event.

Can I upgrade my free RSVPify account to premium account at any time?
Absolutely.  You can upgrade your online RSVP at any time for instant access to all of the tools and features that RSVPify has to offer.  Upgraded accounts have immediate access to our full suite of tools and RSVP customization options, and are also instantly able to accept unlimited RSVPs.

How much does it cost to upgrade to a premium RSVPify account?
For the latest plans and pricing information, please visit the upgrade page in your RSVPify account or our plans page.

How do I upgrade to a premium RSVPify account?
After logging into your RSVPify account, click the “Upgrade” link in the top-right of your screen.  We’ll direct you to a page allowing you to select your preferred plan, and will then process your payment securely by credit card. You’ll have immediate access to all of RSVPify’s premium features — including premium support.

Is my credit card information safe?
Absolutely. We use Stripe, an enterprise-class credit card and billing management suite, to process all one-time and recurring credit card transactions.  Your credit card information never ‘touches’ our servers, and is maintained by Stripe’s advanced encryption technology. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256, and RSVPify staff never have direct access to your credit card details.

Is it easy to setup my online RSVP?
Delightfully easy! We’ve listened intently to the feedback of thousands of users with varying event types and needs — and have worked tirelessly to make RSVPify one of the most powerful and easy-to-use online RSVP tools out there.  RSVPify is easy for you to setup and customize and even easier for your guests to use.

How do guests RSVP?
Guests simply follow a custom link (i.e. to your RSVP website, enter their first and last name, and proceed to an RSVP form customized for their party and primary and secondary event invitations.  If you’ve elected to invite guests by way of RSVPify’s email invitation tool, guests simply follow a link from their email, and are immediately able to begin the RSVP process.

Can I offer guests a +1 (a date)?
Sure. By way of our innovative Guest List tool, you can allow guests of your choosing the opportunity to RSVP for a +1. Guests not offered a +1 will only be able to RSVP for themselves and any other individuals in their party. No write-ins or hassling with uninvited guests.

How do I add appetizer and entrée preferences customized for my event?
After logging into your RSVPify account, click Setup and select Entrees and Appetizers.  From there, you can customize entree and appetizer preferences, and allow guests to select their preferences during the RSVP process. If you have more complex meal preference needs (e.g. you’d like guests to be able to select a dessert), you can choose to use custom questions to collect all of the necessary details.

What if I don’t want to ask guests whether or not they prefer a vegetarian entrée?
No problem.  You can choose to allow your guests to choose between a customized list of entrée options or remove all entrée-related questions altogether.

Can I allow guests to include a note with their RSVP?
By default, guests can include a note with their RSVP.  Notes allow guests to elaborate upon their regrets, ask a question or include well-wishes with their RSVP.  To allow guests to include a note with their RSVP, click Setup and navigate to the General Options tab.  Turn this option on or off by clicking the On/Off slider.  You can also customize the of this question to fit your special event.

Can I use RSVPify on my own website?
Absolutely.  We’ll give you a custom RSVPify URL (, or you can choose to embed your custom online RSVP form on your event’s website for a seamless RSVP experience for your guests.

Can I include custom questions with my online RSVP?
Want to ask guests if they will need a parking spot? What hotel they’re staying at? No problem.  Click Setup and select the Custom Questions tab.   Click the “Add a Question” button and determine the best format for your question. You can add as many custom questions as you’d like.

How can I make sure that only invited guests can submit an RSVP?
You can optionally create a guest list and allow only guests on the list to RSVP.  Your guest list also enables you to allow individual guests to bring a “+1.” You can also optionally require that guests enter a passcode before they are able to begin their RSVP.  Be sure to include this passcode with your paper invitation or somewhere where invited guests can easily access it.  To include a passcode with your RSVP, click Setup and open the Security tab.   Your passcode can be any combination of letters, numbers or symbols that you’d like.  You can even opt to assign a unique passcode to each party, keeping all guest details and event-specific invitations private.

Can my guests change the details of their RSVP after they’ve submitted it?
Yes.  When your guests first RSVP, you can opt to ask them for their email address.  Guests can return to your online RSVP form at any time to update their RSVP or preferences.  Guests also have the option to bookmark your custom confirmation page, allowing them to quickly reference event details and update their preferences at any time.

How long does my RSVP remain open, allowing guests to RSVP?
When you create a new event, your RSVP is opened and able to accept RSVPs by default.  You can close your RSVP at any time, and will still be able to access all of your data from the closed event.  You can open and close your RSVP as many times as you’d like.

Can I RSVP for people who prefer not to RSVP online or don’t have an email address (e.g. grandparents). Is there a way to manually enter them into my list myself?
Of course.  Use the “Add Guests” button on your RSVPs page to RSVP for invited guests who don’t have access to a computer or who otherwise may need assistance submitting their RSVP.