What is online ticketing? How do I sell tickets online?

Online ticketing refers to a suite of tools, features, and integrations that allows users to sell tickets online for an event or service, while collecting registration details from event attendees or customers.


Looking for how to sell tickets for an event that you’re hosting or managing? An event ticketing website is the way to go.


So, what should you consider when selecting the best event ticketing software for your event…? There are several core components of an online ticketing system or software, including:


Ticketing Software Features


At its core, an event ticketing system or e-ticket system should offer event hosts the ability to sell a variety of different ticket types and add-ons through a seamless guest registration experience. When selling tickets online, it’s important to confirm the software offers:


  • Event registration customization:¬†Customize the form and¬†registration experience, including asking custom questions to guests to collect additional data.
  • Multi-tier ticket management:¬†Sell various types and levels of tickets and different prices.
  • Sell add-ons:¬†In addition to selling tickets, are you selling any additional items or services (e.g. networking event, t-shirt, raffle tickets, spa pass, etc.).
  • Fee pass-through:¬†The ability to pass along all associated fees to directly to the customer, allowing you to retain 100% of the ticket sale revenue.
  • Capacity limits:¬†Disable a given ticket tier or add-on when sold out.
  • Donations:¬†Optionally, collect additional donations with ticket orders.
  • Tax & fee support:¬†Add additional fees or charge tax to ticket purchases.

Online Payment Processor Integration


When selling tickets to an event and selecting a ticketing software or website, it’s important to consider which payment processor(s) the platform integrates with.


  • Competitive fee structure:¬†All credit card processing platforms charge a flat fee + a percent-based fee based on the total amount charged. In the United States, Stripe charges a competitive $.30 flat fee + 2.9% per charge.
  • Payout timing:¬†Many online ticketing websites make you wait to receive your event’s ticket sale revenue until after your event. Through its integration with Stripe, RSVPify offers payments for all pending funds within ~48 business hours of payment.
  • Platform features & reporting:¬†Does the payment processing system offer additional features like fraud detection, integrated financial reporting and dashboards, and subscription management tools?

Event Management Features


In addition to the relatively straightforward requirements of an online ticketing system, it’s import to consider what event management-centric features a platform offers (in addition to those features focused on ticket selling).


RSVPify offers a host of event management app features from the ability to setup invite-only events, to sending email invitations, and checking in guests as they arrive at your event.

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