Event Spotlight: Soiree Africaine Sherbrooke

Tell us about your event:

The Soirée Africaine Sherbrooke (SAS 2024) aims to share the beauty of African culture with people in our community and beyond. It’s an initiative of Famille Marie Jeunesse (a religious community working with youth) and Centre Newman (a center for young Catholic Christians). It’s an annual event in our city where we come together to share good times and reconnect with our roots. During the evening, we offer various African meals, games, African dances, fashion shows, singing performances, and we wrap it up with a lively after-party hosted by a DJ!


How long have you hosted this event?

We’ve been organizing this event for 5 years now, and for our 5th edition, we wanted to go big. Our RSVPify site is our very first registration site, and certainly not the last. We have several partners and sponsors joining us in organizing the event this year. We can’t wait to unveil all the surprises we have in store for our guests.


What else should folks know about your organization?

We are a community of passionate young individuals dedicated to our culture, and we invest a lot of love and time into organizing this event. We are proud to reach our 5th edition, which serves as a fundraiser for our center this year. If you’d like to support our initiative, you can make donations through our registration site: https://soireeafricainesherbrooke.rsvpify.com/


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