Event Spotlight: Hekka Movie Premiere

What inspired you to create this event? What should people know about it?


“Thank you so much for featuring our event! We worked very hard on it and are really impressed with the RSVPify software and ease of use. It took relatively no time at all to get our event page up and running.


Our event was for a movie premiere of our new indie short film, HEKKA. It is a horror movie with an exciting plot. We used RSVPify to gather data on who was attending our premiere and to provide extra information about the event previously not mentioned. We are so grateful for RSVPify and its ease of use. This was a one-time only scenario, but we will definitely be back for more from RSVPify with our future premieres.


We are only three teens working to make our dreams come true of filmmaking and really appreciate your support and patronage.”


HEKKA website: hekkamovie.jsafilms.com

HEKKA IMDB Page: go.jsafilms.com/hekkaimdb

JSA Films Website: jsafilms.com

JSA Films’ Twitter: twitter.com/JSAFilm

JSA Films’ YouTube: youtube.com/@jsafilm

JSA Films’ Facebook Page: go.jsafilms.com/fb

JSA Insider Podcast: go.jsafilms.com/insider

About the Event Spotlight Series


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