Event Spotlight: Fife Opera House

What inspired you to create this event? What should people know about it?


“Palestine, IL is Illinois’s oldest town – it was the location for the land grant office, and the land for Chicago was actually purchased right here. People headed West for freedom and opportunities to start new lives. It used to be a bustling place and the Fife Opera House, built in 1901 has been renovated, painted backdrops carefully restored and preserved for the generations to come.


My husband and I own an aerospace company, Flying S Inc, just south of Palestine. His family came here in the late 1700s and have been here ever since. We design, build and test various things, like military drones and things that go to space. We want Flying S to continue after we are gone, but that means Palestine needs to thrive, not just survive.


We have organized this event to showcase the beautiful Fife Opera House and bring people from all over to enjoy a special performance of modern opera from Klassika, all the way from Florida!”



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