Use Krowden’s RSVPify integration for event networking

While RSVPify is proud to help you solve as many event planning challenges as possible, we know we can’t do it all! That’s why integrations with event software partners have always been exciting to us. And now there’s a new one for you to know about.


Recently, Krowden, a leading event networking app, announced an integration that allows you to easily sync your event registration via RSVPify with their suite of event networking tools to make your event even more convenient and productive for attendees! 


Check out what you can do to marry the two event software platforms to create an even more effective event experience:


  • RSVPify registrations are instantly imported to Krowden
  • Auto-Invite event attendees after their RSVPify registration
  • Embed your Krowden page on your RSVPify web page.

Visit their RSVPify integration page to learn more, and level up your events!


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