RSVPIfy is offering its scheduling and registration software for Covid-19 vaccination scheduling.

Efficient COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Scheduling Software

Quickly create vaccination registration forms. Allow recipients to select a vaccination date and time. Add screeners and collect important data. Send reminders and efficiently schedule second doses.

RSVPify is NOT a COVID-19 vaccine provider. If you're interested in getting vaccinated, please review these CDC resources.

Start efficiently scheduling COVID-19 vaccination appointments right away.

Powerful Scheduling
Quickly create capacity-limited time slots, first and second dose appointments and multi-site schedules.
Customizable Forms
Build flexible forms with easy drag-and-drop. Ask screener questions. Require certification of terms and conditions.
Bulk Email + Wait List
Integrated mass email builder. Send reminders, important information and second dose follow-ups. Add a wait list and send updates.
Vaccination Site Website Builder
Keep recipients informed and share details on phases, processes, and FAQs.
Dashboards & Data Management
View ready-made reports on demand. Breakdown and filter form responses. Easy data imports and exports.
Limit Access
Limit who can access your scheduling system and when select authorized individuals can schedule their vaccination.
Easy Appointment Cancelation
Allow vaccine recipients to easily cancel their appointment(s), reducing call volume and freeing up critical appointment times.
Priority Support
RSVPify is committed to supporting the frontlines of the COVID-19 global public health emergency. Your software license includes priority access to RSVPify's Tier I Support.
Fast, Scalable, HIPAA-compliant
RSVPify's HIPAA-compliant platform scales in realtime to meet demand to keep your COVID-19 vaccination scheduling apps up and running.

RSVPIfy's vaccination scheduling software is powered by Amazon Web Services in AWS's HIPAA-compliant environemntRSVPify is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and RSVPify is an AWS Business Associate leveraging AWS' suite of secure and HIPAA-compliant cloud-based tools and products. You can learn more about AWS' HIPAA compliance here.

iPhone displaying COVID-19 Registration Website

Create a customizable vaccine registration experience

Allow vaccine recipients to select a date and time to receive their vaccination. Collect pertinent registration data. Setup capacity limits, appointment reminders, calendar invitations and more.

Automated scheduling and calendar reminders

Automatically add vaccine appointment time to recipient's digital calendars. Quickly send reminders when a recipient's appointment is upcoming and easily keep patients updated with new information.

When it's time, send a remind and effortlessly schedule recipient's second dose.

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Select a timeslot for vaccine appointment

Build customizable forms to collect required recipient information

Seamlessly collect additional registration data such a address, email and contact information and any special needs with an easy drag-and-drop form builder.

Integrated management tools for a smooth administration period

Hundreds of integrated tools to help you manage the vaccination process end-to-end, including:

Send on-brand email reminders and communications. Remind recipients when it's time to schedule their second dose.
Recipient Tagging
Tag authorized recipients for easy phased administration management.
Registration Security
Control who can register for a vaccination appointment. Prevent unauthorized and errant registrations.
Email Reminder to register for vaccine appointment

Ideas to Streamline Your Organization's COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

In RSVPify's hand-in-hand work with COVID-19 vaccine providers, we've heard some great ideas around addressing the many logistical and procedural challenges inherent in administering an efficient COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

The following should not be considered recommendations or guidelines, but thoughts from the front lines that could inspire ideas to optimize your own organization's vaccination campaign at scale.

Scheduling Second Dose

Of course, many of the contemporary COVID-19 vaccines require two doses for optimal efficacy. Scheduling a recipient's second dose in the requisite timeframe presents a unique logistical challenge. Here's how some vaccine providers are navigating this complexity.

  • On-site scheduling: Require first dose recipients to schedule their second dose appointment while they are in observation following their first dose. Enlist staff to help schedule recipients who don't have smartphone or need assistance. Provide a link or QR code to scan for more tech-savvy recipients to schedule their own second dose while they are waiting to be released.
  • Invite to schedule second dose by email: A potentially less common approach is to email first dose recipients an exclusive link to schedule their second dose as the time approaches.

At RSVPify, we've heard repeatedly that vaccine recipient hopefuls are eager to be flexible, and willing to clear their schedules to make their first and second vaccination appointments.

Their advice? Focus on efficiency and process, and not on accommodating individual schedules. 

Managing Vaccination Queues On-Site

Managing queues on-site can present another host of logistical challenges — particularly as some recipients may arrive to their appointment well earlier than expected, resulting in a shortage of available space in some cases. 

  • Avoid lines: Where possible, utilize a large, open space with numbered individual seats and/or waiting areas. Space these numbered waiting areas as much as possible, and assign recipients a number as they arrive (in RSVPify, you can “tag" recipients with this number assignment). Avoid true lines, especially in recipient populations that may require seating and easy access to bathrooms while they wait.
  • SMS notifications: Recipient lists and their associated “tags" (e.g. vaccine maker, phase, appointment time slot, etc.) can be readily exported from RSVPify and imported into a 3rd-party SMS platform. Recipients can wait in their car, and provider staff can send SMS notifications when it's time for a given recipient or batch of recipients to receive their vaccination.

Managing Vaccine Supply Unpredictability & Scheduling

Vaccine providers have reported that they may unexpectedly receive additional doses — or, in other cases, may receive fewer doses than anticipated to serve a given scheduling block.

Choose a vaccine appointment scheduling system that allows for flexibility. Vaccine administrators may need to be able to add additional capacity on a day-by-day basis, or scale back availability to mitigate the potential for mass cancelation.

Recipient Contact Information

Email Address: Most vaccine scheduling software requires email by default in order to send confirmation emails and calendar invitations. The ability to be able to quickly email select vaccine recipients or recipients en masse (scheduled to receive their vaccine on a given day, for example) is critical in case of an urgent update or last-minute vaccination site change.

Phone Number: Not all recipients have an email address, especially in elderly populations. Some recipients may use a friend or family member's email address when scheduling their appointment.

Collection of a phone number ensures your organization can reach recipients in one way or another with critical updates or appointment cancelations.

Mobile Phone Number: Requesting a mobile phone number allows vaccine providers to import a list of recipients into a mass SMS platform, and keep recipients informed by SMS.

If using RSVPify as a vaccination scheduling solution, you can tag recipients and import your recipient's mobile number and tags to allow for SMS updates or alerts when it's a recipient's turn in line.