Event Spotlight: Cotelac x Gali Katz

Tell us about your event: “Step into the world of Cotelac, where French elegance meets American charm, and where every garment tells a story. With three boutiques nestled within the United States, Cotelac invites you to experience more than just

Event Spotlight: Bards in Bars

Tell us about your event: “Bards in Bars is our monthly storytelling event. This one is special because we are announcing The Olde School Shakespeare Collective’s 2024/25 season as well at the end of the night. “The evening promises an

Event Spotlight: CAR Community Night

Tell us about your event: “Community Night With CAR is an after hours event at Artisanal Goods by CAR meant to create a space for us to thank our community and allow members of it to connect more deeply. We’re

Event Spotlight: Koning Ribbon Cutting

Tell us about your event: “We are excited to announce the ribbon cutting for our first Koning Vera Breast CT (KBCT) located in the greater metropolitan area. The event underscores the importance of empowering women with better breast imaging options. 

Event Spotlight: VOW Conversations

Tell us about your event: “Voice of Witness invites you to join Virginia Eubanks, co-editor of the upcoming oral history collection, Global Stories from the Automated Welfare State, in conversation with author Dave Eggers as they examine how the shift

Event Spotlight: Global Roots Sip & Paint

Tell us about your event: In our pursuit of meaningful initiatives, we discovered the Mosaic Mural project, which we found to be an excellent fit for our objectives. The Mural Mosaic’s Global Roots Project provides participants with tile canvases and

Event Spotlight: Backpack Mafia Beat Battle

Tell us about your event: We are BackPack Mafia Beat Battle League. We provide a live platform for music producers to test their skills against competitors and let the audience decide, “Who’s The iLLest On The Beat?”   How long

Event Spotlight: Soiree Africaine Sherbrooke

Tell us about your event: The SoirĂ©e Africaine Sherbrooke (SAS 2024) aims to share the beauty of African culture with people in our community and beyond. It’s an initiative of Famille Marie Jeunesse (a religious community working with youth) and

Event Spotlight: Orange County Sports Commission Speaker Series

Tell us about your event in a couple of sentences. Orange County Sports Commission’s upcoming Speaker Series, “Breaking Boundaries: The Rise of Women in Sports Business,” will feature Keynote Speaker Dr. Jen Welter, Sports Psychologist and first female NFL Coach,

Event Spotlight: PPG Place Forum & Luncheon

What inspired you to create this event? What should people know about it? “We are hosting a luncheon/forum for the stakeholders who rent office space at our property in downtown Pittsburgh. We’ll cover topics such as property and citywide safety,

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