5 Cardinal Rules To Create a VIP Event Experience


Very Important People or VIP’s are the clients you love. Supported and cherished, in the right way, they will truly grow your brand. Not just for celebrities anymore, the modern VIP is the brand ambassador, cheerleader, and magnate of influence that can grow, sustain or even lead your brand into the future.

When hosting an ambitious event, you will want to go above and beyond for your VIP’s to create a buzzworthy experience that they’ll not only remember but take action to attend and generate interest in.

Whether your VIP experience is part of a larger event, or an exclusive VIP experience, the cardinal rules remain the same. When it comes to nurturing the VIP relationship, think about how you can show gratitude and extra attention to this special group of attendees.

Lesson 1: Provide Awesome Perks

From front-of-line, bottle-service, best-seats-in-the-house, perks are essentially to create a VIP experience. It’s like going to the concert and getting backstage. Your VIP’s deserve to be pampered and treated like rockstars.

Try these examples on for size at your next event:
– VIP Lounges
Exclusive Freebies (gift bags, special services, etc)
– Front Row Seating or special seating at your conference or event
– Dine Around experiences with Key Notes and fellow influencers
– Mastermind Groups for networking & connection


Lesson 2: Recognize Their Support

Everyone loves acknowledgement. Don’t just casually thank your VIP’s, be generous with your gratitude. Make sure not only they know how much you appreciate them but that others do as well. VIP’s are aspirational.

Recognize them with the following:
– Thank You in the event program
– Event Signage
– Handwritten Thank You notes
– Shout-outs publicly from the Event Host(s)
– Thank You dinner/event just for VIPs
– Personal Thank You’s from the Host(s)     

Lesson 3: Quality Over Quantity

It’s not the amount of time you spend but the quality of the time you spend. Make sure your VIP guests are getting the most out of their time with you.

Be time-sensitive and do the following:
– Share event timelines & schedules well in advance so they can prepare
– Send teasers of what to wear/bring/etc so they come prepared and don’t waste valuable time sourcing things
– Get the most out of keynotes and coaches with 1-on-1 events for VIPs
– Build in time for work amongst their play (VIPs didn’t get there without hard work!)

Lesson 4: Surprise Them!

A bit counterintuitive after the last point about preparedness, but VIPs want you to go above and beyond for them. They want to be pampered and treated as special (because they are).

Tantalize them with these ideas:
– Private Invitation Only Events just for them
– Complimentary Airport Transportation
– Travel Booking Support (if needed)
– Customized Welcome Bags/Baskets

Lesson 5: Seamless Experiences Impress Them (& Others)

The biggest mistake event producers often make is not having a seamless event. They miss the minutia of what keeps people happy. So, let’s break it down old school because seamlessness is the key to VIP (and everyone’s) happiness.

Do this:
– Stick to the schedule
– Provide an easy check-in experience
– Be clear with signage & instructions
Connection is key: stay in touch, support your attendees, show gratitude

In order to have an extraordinary event experience for VIP’s it’s all about attention, connection and gratitude. By sticking to  to those three themes, you’ll see your VIPs continue to support you, grow your brand and build loyalty for your product or service.



Diagram displaying 5 lessons for creating a VIP event experience for attendees.


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