35 Creative Event Giveaway Ideas + Swag Sources

Finding the right event giveaway swag for your event isn’t always easy. You don’t want it to be cliche or boring. You want it to be memorable. Like any marketing effort, you’ll want to consider your target audience and what type of giveaway would be most interesting and relevant. To maximize brand impressions, select items that attendees will use for a long time, and even better, use publicly! Other considerations may include the time of year and type of event.

With the right gift, attendees will have a lasting positive impression of your brand long after the event concludes. For that reason, you’ll want to select something that is actually useful so it’s not just tossed out! For best impact, giveaways should have your logo or other clear branding elements. In addition to being great for event giveaways, promotional items can also be utilized as incentives for encouraging ticket sales.

If you’re stumped on ideas, we’ve compiled a list of 35 promotional items that won’t bore your attendees and will positively represent your brand. We’ve divided these up into categories to help you easily identify options for the type of event or time of year!

Technology Swag

  1. Power Banks
  2. PopSockets
  3. Headphones
  4. Phone Rings
  5. Wireless Key Trackers
  6. Screen Cleaners
  7. Wireless Chargers
  8. Bluetooth Speakers
  9. Phone Stands
  10. USB Hubs/Converters
  11. Keyboard Cleaners
  12. Phone Wallets

Health And Wellness Swag

  1. Sweat Towels
  2. Lip Balms
  3. Mini First Aid Kits
  4. Hand sanitizers
  5. Fitness Mats
  6. Blender Bottles
  7. Water Bottles
  8. Exercise Bands
  9. Yoga Blocks
  10. Jump Ropes

Summer Swag

  1. Umbrellas
  2. Drinkware
  3. Sun Glasses
  4. Bottle Openers
  5. Beach Towels
  6. Folding Chairs
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Waterproof Containers
  9. Picnic Blankets
  10. Mini Fans

Winter Swag

  1. Ice Scrapers
  2. Hand Warmers
  3. Warm Blankets
  4. Touch Screen Gloves
  5. Winter Hats

4 Swag Sources Title Image RSVPify

If you’re not sure where to look to purchase your event giveaway swag, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite resources for finding and branding your giveaway items!

1.  iPromo 

iPromo has a huge catalog of easily customizable swag that your attendees will seriously love. Their offering includes budget friendly items under $1, and more premium brand items. Brands they carry include Tumi, Apple, Nike, Sonos, Tile, and more. According to the iPromo team, one of their most popular items are the Mophie Power Banks.

ipromo event giveaway product offerings include bottle openers, swell water bottles, and umbrellas

2. Promotique by Vistaprint

You may be familiar with Vistaprint, but did you know they also offer promotional items? Promotique offers quality promotion items and an easy to use designer to customize your swag with images, text, or icons. Similar to iPromo, a number of big brands can be found in their offering.

Vistaprint's Promotique promotional event giveaway items including t-shirts, drinkware, and backpacks

3. 4imprint 

Another great source of all of the promotional swag you could ever dream of! At 4imprint you can find your standard promotional offering as well as a number of more unique products that we don’t see as commonly from other swag sources.

4imprint promotional event giveaway items include stress balls, hoodies, coffee mugs, umbrellas, and bags

4. Swag.com

Swag.com offers promotional gift items with serious style and quality. According to Swag, branded socks and popsockets are among the latest crazes in promotional product options. You’ll love Swag’s modern website and easy to use tools to design swag that people will love and want to share.


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