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About RSVPify

RSVPify is an event and guest management software that allows you to create fully-customized online RSVP and event registrations forms, sell tickets, and easily manage events and guest information with our full suite of tools and features. We are the world’s leading private event management platform, and our partners are using RSVPify’s powerful, end-to-end event management software in myriad ways, ranging from hosting private celebrations (e.g., weddings, birthdays, b’nai mitzvahs, reunions) to organizing nonprofit fundraisers to coordinating corporate conferences and events. We aim to make the event registration and management responsibilities as seamless as the guest experience itself. Event hosts choose RSVPify because it provides an efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective system for event and guest management. 

We are a small, entrepreneurial startup team – and we’re growing! We are seeking a smart, tech-savvy and ‘hungry’ Product Specialist to strengthen our business team. 



About the Role

The Product Specialist is the company’s only direct customer-facing role, and it is a highly valued role on our Customer Success team. As a representative of the company, we expect product specialists to be highly responsive and appropriately empathetic to customer requests. RSVPify customers come to our support channels seeking information about the platform, asking questions about features they expect we have, expressing satisfaction with their experience or frustration around specific features, and everything in between.

Core functions of the role include:


  • Assisting RSVPify customers through chat and email with sales, support, and billing inquiries;
  • Replying to questions from potential customers and helping convert users into paying customers;
  • Writing support articles and creating videos detailing how to use RSVPify and troubleshoot specific common problems and roadblocks; and
  • Learning about and contributing to RSVPify’s digital and social marketing efforts; and
  • Helping refine and evolve RSVPify’s digital product offerings.


A Day in the Life

As a product specialist, you’ll begin your day by logging into Slack, Intercom, and ZenDesk. We have a dedicated channel in Slack for the business team to share updates and let the team when each of us is online, taking breaks, etc. Once you’ve checked in on Slack, you’ll head to Intercom and ZenDesk to assess any high priority/immediate requests. After these requests have been responded to, you’ll spend the rest of the day actively engaging customers who reach out on either channel. On some days and at certain points in the day, these channels can be quite active or full. For example, since our customer success team does not work on the weekends, our support channels often collect a backlog of requests. This means that on Mondays, a majority of the day will be spent addressing after hours requests while simultaneously responding to incoming requests/threads. If there are lulls in traffic on these channels, you will likely be asked to help on related projects (e.g., create or edit support articles, competitive product research, etc.). Our standard working hours are 8am – 4pm CT (Chicago), which is 3pm – 11pm CET (Sarajevo).


Skills & Qualities

While the first few months of the role will be dedicated to training on the product and RSVPify support practices, we expect Product Specialists to come the the role with a certain set of skills, including:


  • An understanding of the internet, websites, and software applications;
  • Strong spoken and written English;
  • Great “people skills”; A friendly and professional attitude; 
  • Well-organized and strong work ethic;
  • Persistence and determination to deliver results;
  • A desire to learn and become an important member of The RSVPify Team; and
  • A desire to work in a startup environment, with a proactive mindset and minimal need for supervision.


Preferred Experience includes:

  • Experience in customer service, sales, hospitality, events or a related field.

Skills You’ll Develop
As a Product Specialist on the RSVPify Customer Success team, you will have the chance to expand your skillset – by giving you the chance to practice skills you’ve learned at IBU and by exposing you to a new set of foundational business skills and customer success-specific skills. These lists were compiled by all RSVPIfy teammates with presence at the live customer chat.


Foundational Business Skills


  • Remote Communication: While we do get together a few times a year (in Sarajevo, Chicago, Austin, etc.), we are primarily a remote office. In this environment, we expect RSVPify team members to prioritize communication so we can better collaborate with each other and better support our users. We prioritize:
    • Quick and clear internal chat
    • Writing business and professional emails
    • Documentation – i.e., documenting competitive research, processes we create, tasks we track, etc.
    • Giving and receiving real-time feedback
  • Professionalism: At RSVPify we pride ourselves on partnering with event hosts of all backgrounds and experiences. We uphold a strong level of professionalism while talking to our users – and also interpersonal communications.
  • Creative Problem-solving: We embrace creativity at RSVPify, and we practice creative problem solving every day.
  • Technical / Digital Acumen: At RSVPIfy, you will get exposure to our “tech stack” – which is the list of tools we use everyday. These tools are common in the business world, and mastering these skills at RSVPIfy will prepare you for work in many other settings. Tools we use everyday include: Slack (our primary communication channel), Intercom and Zendesk (communication with users), Gmail and Google Calendar (team communication and scheduling), Notion (knowledge sharing), UserFeed, Canva and Figma (marketing materials), Zoom (facetime communication), Loom (asynchronous video communication), Midjourney and ChatGPT (AI tools), and more.
  • Collaboration: The Customer Success team shares a set of additional daily tasks, and we collaborate with each other to accommodate schedules and complete tasks sooner.


Customer Success Skills (all the above plus the list below)


  • Customer Empathy and Patience – Understanding and sharing the feelings of customers, maintaining a calm and patient demeanor even in challenging situations. This skill involves active listening, recognizing customer needs and emotions, and responding with kindness and understanding.
  • Creative Troubleshooting – Identifying and resolving problems using innovative and unconventional methods. This skill involves thinking outside the box, analyzing issues from different perspectives, and devising effective and efficient solutions.
  • Task Prioritization & Multi-tasking – Managing multiple tasks efficiently by determining their importance and urgency. This skill includes organizing work to meet deadlines, switching between tasks seamlessly, and maintaining high productivity without compromising quality.
  • Conflict Resolution – Handling disputes and disagreements constructively. This skill involves mediating between parties, understanding different viewpoints, finding common ground, and reaching mutually beneficial agreements to resolve conflicts.
  • Cultural Knowledge – Understanding and appreciation of different cultures, customs, and the events they host. This skills includes patience and understanding of the cultural significance of the events hosted to influence the right level of customer support needed.


What Success Looks Like
Product specialists are ultimately successful when they can master our tools used for customer support. In the first quarter of work, we expect you to master the basics of Intercom, RSVPify, and Stripe; embody the RSVPify “voice” and handle frequently asked questions without assistance; and develop a basic understanding of the types of events we support. After the first year, we expect you to actively contribute to RSVPify outward-facing resources including writing support articles and recording support videos as well as regularly contributing to product development conversations by passing along insights regarding common questions, new feature requests, and more.


Our Timeline

We intend to work as quickly as possible to bring on a new team member. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis until we find a best fit candidate.


Join Us 

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