Wedding Website Builder: Why Use One For Your Wedding?

What is a wedding website builder?Example of wedding website builder displayed on iPhone with RSVP button. Text reads "We're Getting Married!".

Just a few years ago, creating a website for a wedding was a novelty. Most couples were still traditional and didn’t believe in organizing a wedding digitally. However, once people began to realize the benefits of sharing and collecting information for a wedding online, the trend grew. Now, creating a wedding website is an essential part of organizing your big day. But what if you aren’t technically savvy?

That is where a wedding website builder comes in. Many different companies, such as Wix or Squarespace, have extended their website building services to include wedding-specific templates, and those seeking the most customization capabilities tend to choose WordPress for their event registration. But in terms of ease of use, we find that it’s best to focus on ones with easy, pre-built templates! These let you easily design a wedding website for your Big Day. A wedding website builder lets you simply fill in pre-made forms with required information. You can also easily add images or design elements to the pages themselves. And, you can embed forms from other vendors to collect information, such as online RSVPs.

Online RSVPs and event registration with RSVPify

How do you pick the right website builder for your needs?

The biggest question here comes down to free options versus paid options that different website builder companies offer. Usually, a free option will include basic features, like page design, uploading images, using pre-made forms for info entry, and a basic suite of additional features for design. However, free versions often won’t include the full range of templates a company provides. This means that you will only have access to basic options for laying out and presenting your information.

Meanwhile, some paid wedding website builders will allow for things like video uploads, more dynamic forms, extended graphic design features, and more integration with other existing wedding apps. This might include integrating social media accounts. Or, it includes apps like Spotify for collecting playlist requests for the reception. The biggest question for you is what are you looking for your wedding website to include? Check out this handy guide to essential elements of a wedding website. Use it to figure out what you will need from your wedding website builder.

Preview of an RSVPify wedding website builder with RSVP

The biggest benefits to using a wedding website builder

Here are just a few of the reasons why a wedding website builder is a great option to make life easier for you as you begin to plan your special day:

  • Create all the different pages you need by filling out forms – Templates let you simply enter information and have it laid out automatically for you. This lets you focus on getting the key information you need on each page.
  • Drag and drop design – Most wedding website builders will use drag and drop functionality to let you organize sections on each page. This is also great for mobile devices, which means you can create and edit your wedding website on the go.
  • Easy graphic design – This includes uploading images of your relationship, to playing around with color schemes and backgrounds on each page. Either way, you won’t need to be an art major when the builder can do it for you.
  • Integration with other apps – From social media to other wedding-specific sites, most wedding website builders offer easy ways for embedding forms or templates directly into the different pages on your site.
  • Share all of your info in one place – Since you can create as many pages as you need, and use templates for each different page, you can make sure your guests have everything they need. By including the URL on your invitations, you can also make sure your guests can find it.
  • Collect all of your info in one place – From online RSVP forms, to music requests, to sharing hotel room blocks, a good wedding website can let you get everything you need in one place. This way you can plan and host your event without having to coordinate with different people, sites, or apps.
  • Cost is as low as you want it to be – As we said above, almost every good wedding website builder offers free and paid options. This means you can explore the apps to figure out how much you need to spend. Or, just go with the free version and save your money for other things!

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