Are you an RSVPify v1.0 user?

Thanks so much for being a long-time RSVPify user! We HUGELY appreciate your loyalty and all the feedback you’ve provided along the way. In July of 2015, we formally released our 2.0 edition, making it the the default version for ALL users.

RSVPify 2.0 includes an all-new design, mobile interface, fully-responsive RSVP design, many new features, and improvements to speed and performance across the application — all based on thousands of pieces of your feedback. Because of the many enhancements and fully re-architected structure of events in RSVPify 2.0, RSVPify 1.0 events aren’t compatible with RSVPify 2.0.

If you don’t have any active events currently receiving RSVPs and no longer need the data in your 1.0 account, you may wish to close your 1.0 account and sign up for RSVPify 2.0. Please note that we no longer offer support for 1.0

  1. If you have an active, paid RSVPify subscription, please be sure to cancel it before proceeding.  Subscriptions cannot be transferred.
  2. Navigate to your My Account page
  3. At the bottom of the page, select the Close Account link
  4. Type ‘DELETE’ (without the quotes) and click the ‘Close My Account’ button.  Please remember that all of your events and data will be instantly deleted.  This cannot be undone.
  5. Sign up as a new user
  6. Enjoy event planning bliss. 🙂

Feedback for us?