The Story of RSVPify

We didn’t want the hassle and headache of ‘snail mail’ RSVPs. So we made something better that works with any digital or traditional paper invitation.

Digital wedding RSVPs? No more dealing with one more hassle in the midst of endless wedding preparation plans? These thoughts and others were racing around RSVPify creator Ari Driessen’s head as he faced a familiar pre-wedding dilemma with his bride-to-be, Sarah.

Like all brides, Sarah wanted a wedding that would be memorable and elegant, and was a bit wary of the digital RSVPs Ari had worked up for their wedding website. After a few hours of charming bickering (at least to the rest of their wedding party), Sarah got the invitations she wanted, and her fiancee had an idea. Why not make this process easier for everyone?

With that, RSVPify was born. Ari, along with best man Adam Hausman collaborated to create a premium digital RSVP site. The RSVPify team, under the careful guidance of Ari’s soon-to-be-wife, put their heads together and worked to come up with a premium digital RSVP service that would make lives easier not only for soon-to-be newlyweds, but for anyone needing to organize and manage a guest list for any event.

Now, is your one-stop shop for hosting your wedding, corporate event, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, anniversary, birthday party, or literally anything that might involve a guest list and benefit from a seamless RSVP process.

Ari and Sarah are happily married today. Is it because of RSVPify? Well…no, but we here at RSVPify we do hope that we can bring a little peace of mind and a lot less stress to your event planning process.

Have you RSVPified yet?