Collect Event Payments Online: A Beginner’s Guide

Why Collect Event Payments Online?

No matter the size of a paid event, the need for an efficient system to collect event payments is critical for any event planner. Whether reimbursing vendors or simply collecting donations for an important cause, streamlining the ability to process, account for, and distribute funds from an events is usually the top concern for anyone selling event tickets.

For some, choosing to collect event payments online is a scary idea. But we’ve compiled a beginner’s guide to walk you through why opting to collect event payments online is the ideal choice to make any event planner’s life easier.

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How Do You Collect Event Payments Online?

There are a number of online event payment platforms in operation today. The key to choosing the right one is to understand the different features to consider before opting for one. Some of the key points of difference:

  • Instant withdrawal of ticket sales or only available post event?
  • Ability to customize ticket sales page
  • Service fee per ticket sold
  • Data collection options
  • Integration with trusted payment processing systems
  • Secure storage of attendee payment and personal information

Be sure to review the different abilities of the online ticketing platform you are considering before figuring out if it’s the best option for your event.

Guide-To-Collecting-Payments-Online-Infographic-RSVPify-When will funds be available?-Will the sales page be customizable?-What is the service fee?-Who is the payment processor?

The Benefits of Choosing to Collect Event Payments Online

So why opt for an online ticketing system as opposed to collecting payments for events at the event itself?

  • Online payment collection is quick and efficient
  • Aside from tracking and collecting payments in one place, an online event payment system allows the host to also access event payment info from mobile devices and store information digitally
  • You can add ticket capacity in real-time if the event is popular to maximize event revenue
  • Withdrawals and money transfers can be sent digitally and in real-time
  • Ability to transfer payment information to spreadsheets for easy review and/or accounting needs

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